We’ve Been Lied To About Feelings

feelings off switch picJohn Barnes, PT trained myofascial release therapists such as myself hear him say again and again of how we are taught from a young age not to feel. This is particularly true in America where it is seen as a weakness.

We are taught by almost every aspect of society to hide our feelings from others. We stifle tears and turn away so no one can see our face. We answer “I’m fine” when we’re really not.

I am amazed at how much this behavior is perpetuated by social media, TV, movies, self-help books and the like. We are told to stuff our feelings and certainly never to cry in public. This is seen as being weak or unstable which is a total lie. If anything, it is a sign of strength and balance.

God gave us our emotions and intuition as a guide to do what is right. Not only for others, but for our own self too. Let your feelings surface instead of holding them inside. And please allow others to let their feelings out as well. Don’t say to them ‘don’t cry, ‘it’s alright’ or ‘it’s okay’. Even touching them or handing them a tissue will stop emotions in their tracks, maybe, never to return. Allow their moment to finish and let them to come to you or to ask for what they need.

I have seen amazing results on my treatment table when clients have that ‘ah-ha’ moment or gradually let go of their old beliefs. You will be empowered with your new freedom from the bondage of keeping your emotions inside. Your body will feel less stressed and a sense of well-being will prevail in all you do.

If you need help, I provide John Barnes myofascial release, which is a safe, gentle hands-on therapy to help you release your stress and get in touch with those stuck feelings that may be preventing you from true healing from old wounds.


Reality and Myofascial Release

Crosshand techniqueIn recent days I have heard and seen the word reality in many places and from many people.  When I read or heard the word, did I concur with the person’s reality or did I dismiss it?  Prompted by all those instances, I found it interesting to ponder and to look at some of my own perceptions of reality.

Our reality is filtered by our own unique experiences.  One simple example I can give you is based on an experience I had when I was about ten years old.  While visiting friends at their mountain cabin, we kids often hiked and explored the surrounding forest.  Crossing creeks walking on a log was second nature to them, but to me, I perceived danger and many times became frozen, unable to cross.  That was my reality and at first my friends didn’t understand, and I guess, I didn’t either.  As years went by, my reality shifted as I learned to trust my balance and understand that with one eye, my depth perception was different than theirs.

Later when I was a senior in high school I worked at my family’s gravel plant.  On one summer day a fleet of end-dump semi trucks were laying down gravel on the highway when one of them slid off the shoulder with the trailer in its highest position and partially full of gravel, was left precariously tilted ready to tip over.  The job foreman knew my Dad and that our business was close by so he sought help from us.  My Dad was away on a delivery so I drove our large end loader overland to the scene to help right the trailer.  To make a long story short, I was able to get on the downhill side of the trailer and position the bucket of the loader on the side of the trailer and slowly and gently push it until it was centered over the truck and the driver was able to safely lower it.

My reality was that I knew I could do it, but almost all the men there didn’t see how it could be done given the steep bank, the weight of the load, the angle of the loader relative to the trailer and, they later admitted, my young age.  They had a different reality based on their own experiences.  And interestingly I might add, I used a great deal of depth perception to accomplish the trailer rescue.

These two brief stories are meant to point out how our realities may change with time.  At one time, I believed my depth perception would limit what I could do but later I found that it was the opposite.  I now know my reality of things is always changing with new information and experiences.

Today, with the help of John F. Barnes myofascial release (JFR-MFR) I have been able to allow myself to sift through many of the ‘realities’ or beliefs I have accumulated over my life and to shed those that are no longer valid.  And when a new awareness surfaces, I can make new and different choices.  Being treated with JFB-MFR allows me to let go of these in a safe manner.

I know the power of choice and any of you that are interested in feeling better, not just physically, but emotionally and spiritually as well, let me help.  As a highly skilled JFR-MFR therapist, I facilitate your own healing process.  I never force and always treat you without judgment of your reality which allows for true, long term healing.

No matter how complex or how entrenched the perceived reality is, the principle is the same. They change, but do you notice?